Our reporting feature provides you with accurate financial and non-financial feedback on your business activity as well as customised reports, specified by date range, product, business segment and more!



Maximise the potential of your inventory

This facility helps you maintain the vital metrics of your business, and allows you to identify under performing stock via an SKU level monitoring of sales relating to each product in your inventory. You can also run reports to show your best-selling products and the cash flow in relation to your sales.

Identify your Best-Selling Products

Generate simple reports to give you a full break down on the number of sales achieved for each product in your inventory. What's more is you can drill down even further and assess sales from each one of your sales channels. Allowing you to better manage your business decisions and increase profitability along the way.


Key Performance Indicators and Customer Behaviour

Our reporting feature will allow you to access all important product and sales information, across all sales channels, without the need for cross referencing or carrying out lengthy calculations. 

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