We've integrated with market leading marketplaces, websites and e-commerce platforms and are constantly developing new integrations.

This will allow you to manage all aspects of your sales channels from one place, including sales, listings, shipments, inventory and more.



Synchronise your Inventory

Never worry about having to manually adjust the inventory level on all of your sales channels. Zest ERP does all the heavy lifting for you!

As soon as a sales is made from one of your sales channels, we'll automatically adjust the stock held and push the new stock level to all your sales channels, eliminating the risk of overselling.

Import your Listings

Creating a new inventory list can be very time consuming. But with Zest ERP, there's no need to worry. Simply link your sales channel to Zest ERP and begin to pull in your active listings.

This will automatically create the products in Zest ERP, import your listings ready to edit and automatically link any listings with the same SKUs, that may be listed on another sales channels.


Update Order Statuses in Seconds

Updating an order status can be a very repetitive task and consume a huge amount of administrative time, which could be better used elsewhere.

With Zest ERP, once an order has been dispatched, you can send the shipping details back to your sales channels with the click of a button. Just like that your sales channels will be updated with the courier details and tracking references.

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